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Alone Fighter - FPS Shooter

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THE BEGINNING OF A LARGE MILITARY OPERATIONYou flew on a plane for a combat mission. Your plane was hit by anti-aircraft missile. All were killed, survived only you. You need to fulfill the military mission and avenge fallen comrades. This job will require you a lot of strength and courage to stay alive.This is an open world - here are a lot of military bases, abandoned cities, impenetrable jungle.Fulfilling the mission need to find weapons, ammo, medicines, bandages.BOLD CHALLENGE of EVILYou have to fight and kill the enemies that will attack you - bandits, mercenaries, soldiers.• Dynamic change of day and night, weather.• Turn on the flashlight on the gun and light your way at night in the jungle and abandoned cities.• You can explore the territory alone, and also to perform various missions.• The game has many variety of clothing and equipment, weapons that need to find and collect.
PRIMITIVE AND MODERN WEAPON• You find various weapons.• Bow, spear, axe, sword, pistol, assault rifle, flamethrower, rocket launcher, grenades, sniper rifle, torch.• With the help of weapons you can kill the bandits, mercenaries, soldiers.
CHALLENGE IN PVP• The game can be played alone and in multiplayer with players around the world.
PLAYING – LEARN TO FIGHTYou expect a great adventure in an open world, abandoned cities.• Find bandages, medicines and explosives. Heal yourself from wounds.• You have to mine and blow up the base soldiers.You expect the city, jungle, military bases. In the game you can swim, kill, collect clothes and things, weapons, ammo._____________________________________________
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